General Information

The Great Cultural Celebration for Batik will be held back in Yogyakarta. Continuing the success of the first implementation, then as the moral responsibility of Yogyakarta with the predicate of the World City Batik held back Jogjakarta International Batik Biennale 2018 which is planned to be held every two years (Biennale). This sustainability is a positive consequence of the international predicate which will further strengthen Batik as the identity of Indonesia to the world through Yogyakarta. At this event, Yogyakarta became the center of batik archipelago where also expected to have some exhibition of Batik from international.

Before the event, JIBB 2018 took place, previously will be held several events about Batik. These events became an important starting point, especially for the national level, to increase awareness of the JIBB 2018 event where the holding of these events was a common thread to events to be held at JIBB 2018.